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“One referral has generated over $2.5M in turnover”

“BNI has helped me to grow the company from just myself, to a team of twelve. It is our greatest source of work with 50+% directly or indirectly. In fact, one referral has generated over $2.5M in turnover to date! Money can’t buy the relationships and connections we’ve built as a member.”

Scot Pearce

Water to Waste Plumbing Services (Member of Waitakere City)

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“My turnover is approximately 40% higher than it was before I joined BNI”

“My name is Sarah and I’m an interior designer in Tauranga. I had been in the design industry for 10 years working part time and for others. In mid-2019 I decided to re-brand and launch Edin full time. I randomly met someone who invited me to a BNI shortly after this decision, and joined the Tauranga Harbour chapter near the end of 2019. Although I knew my industry and my job very well, running a business alone was a very different scenario.
Joining BNI was the best decision I made from both an “inside” my business perspective and “getting” business perspective. On a weekly basis now, I am surrounded by experienced, motivated and friendly businesspeople. I’ve gained so much business knowledge from the members and the BNI training. At first I thought the fee was high, but I’ve made that back many times over from the quality referrals and jobs from within my chapter, their friends, families and clients outside the chapter.
My turnover is approximately 40% higher than it was before I joined BNI, even with 2 months of pandemic lockdown. I cannot recommend BNI highly enough for solo business owners. It’s a marketing and business support team in one.”

Sarah Sargison

Edin Interior Design (Member of BNI Tauranga Harbour)

Graham Lockett

“I have learnt to be more accountable and hold myself to a higher standard of work”

“The things that have changed in my business life are massive. After four years of running my business, cold-calling up to 40 people a day, I was hating it and thinking of giving up and becoming a corporate employee. In a last-ditch effort to revive my business, I joined BNI on the recommendation of a client who was a member, instead of spending that money on advertising.
I was never comfortable in networking situations and thought BNI sounded like the opposite of where I wanted to be. Now, just one year later I can enjoy a work-life balance and generated $21,000 in one year as a proud BNI member. I have learnt to be more accountable and hold myself to a higher standard of work. I am much more responsible because I can’t betray my fellow member when they refer work to me.”

Graham Lockett

FlowMedia (Member of BNI Titirangi)

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“BNI referrals have accounted for over $526,000 in business”

“I have been a proud BNI member for 20 years. Meeting with my BNI chapter every week over this length of time has really created a sense of community and belonging. BNI referrals have accounted for over $526,000 in business. It's an example of Giver's Gain, as I've given over $258,000 in referrals and received over $268,000 which is astonishing to look back on and to think that I didn’t receive a single referral in my first two years as a member. I'm so pleased I didn't quit at the 2 year mark! It really goes to show that patience, visibility and credibility within your chapter can reap unknown rewards.”

David Schischka

The Business Doctor (Member of BNI Waitakere City)

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