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Givers Gain®

BNI’s guiding principle is Givers Gain® – a philosophy based on the law of reciprocity. In networking groups, people who adopt this philosophy prioritise giving business to their fellow networkers rather than soliciting/seeking business for themselves. Other members want to repay this kindness by sending them business in return.
Our members see this in action every week and know it works!

BNI goes beyond networking. We contribute to the community.
Hospices around New Zealand provide care and support for people living with life-limiting conditions and their families. As an essential health service provider, financial support from the community is crucial.
Hospice New Zealand is BNI’s selected charity as Hospice’s philosophy is compatible with BNI’s culture of Givers Gain.
Both organisations share values of connecting with people and developing relationships based on trust.


Working together

Since our partnership began BNI’s chapters have raised nearly $2.5 million dollars for local hospices.

BNI New Zealand itself, has donated over $185,000 since 2007 to fully fund the BNI Palliative Care Scholarships Programme, supporting Hospice New Zealand’s commitment to growing leaders in palliative care.


Keen to get involved? Your local chapter may already be holding fundraising efforts or contributing to a hospice in some way.

Chapters have event coordinators / hospice champions. Their role is to educate chapter members about Hospice New Zealand and its activities, and raise the awareness of BNI to hospices and their communities. Talk to your chapter and see how you can help - it’s great fun and hugely satisfying.


BNI Hospice Partnership Guide


Read about chapter events and efforts on the BNI New Zealand blog,

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