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$1.5 Million proves the power of Givers Gain® from BNI® NZers

Givers Gain® as we know is the philosophy based on the law of reciprocity. In the context of BNI we live by this philosophy – to give business to our fellow networkers rather than making the driver just about getting business for ourselves. In doing so successfully, other people naturally become more engaged in wanting to work with you, and look out for business for you in return.

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Givers Gain® is a great way to live life in general. It also underlines our charitable efforts at BNI New Zealand and especially our relationship with Hospice New Zealand.

In case you weren’t aware, since 2007, BNI New Zealand and Hospice New Zealand have been national partners, working together to help ensure hospice care remains free of charge for people living with life limiting conditions. Hospice is about supporting communities in which people live. Both our organisations share values surrounding personal connections and developing relationships based on trust.”

Hospice New Zealand is very pleased to announce that $1.5 million has been raised to date from BNI New Zealand and its members – a huge milestone and something to celebrate! 

That’s a massive achievement and chapters like yours may very well be supporting their local hospices by raising both funds and awareness of hospice services. At BNI Support, we hear about a myriad of initiatives from volunteering and donating items on hospice wish lists, to renovating patient and family rooms and organising high profile black tie events.

Nationally, we also run the BNI Palliative Care Scholarship Programme which supports hospice staff members to undertake postgraduate study in their speciality fields and grow as leaders in palliative care. To date, over $137,000 has been donated by BNI New Zealand to fully fund the programme.

A big cheer to all BNI members who support Hospice or just practise Givers Gain week to week at BNI.




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