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Do referrals take a summer holiday?

Now that the summer holidays are nearly here and many of us take a break from work, an interesting question is does that mean finding referrals for our fellow BNI members also stops? Actually, it gives us an opportunity to find more referrals as we will likely be “networking” with different groups of people than we do during the year.

We will be at BBQ’s, Dinners, the beach, parties and events with family and friends. Listening and asking questions proactively during this time can lead to referrals. For instance, many people make life decisions while on holiday to change jobs, houses or lifestyle.


So, talking about plans for 2019 may bring up referral opportunities to BNI members that will help them get the plans across the list. Wouldn’t it be great to start the BNI year with a fistful of referrals, and maybe receive some as well?




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